Website Makeover for Miss Nutritionista !

health coaching website makeover for Miss Nutritionista

I’m so excited because the newly improved Miss Nutritionista website is here!

We are live, we are live!!! Hello beautiful people. The website makeover for Miss Nutritionista is finally done.  Last year around June, I decide it was finally time to give my website a makeover! Things in the blogosphere can get dated real quick ya know!

The changes literally took 1 year to complete…because I’m a perfectionist and because I am also a procrastinator, lol.   But, in all seriousness, I was also pregnant with our first baby and busier than ever at work.

Some of the things I was doing as a health coach was, helping my clients meal prep, doing counseling sessions at over 6 different doctors offices, working with my own private clients, developing recipes and also blogging.  Looking back now, I don’t know how I was able to manage it all.  Working 6 days a week while also pregnant was no joke.

But, as the saying goes…when you love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.  So true!!!!!

And… those are some of the reasons why my site re-launch took so long.  My son is now 7 months old and finally after so many drafts and revisions, the website makeover for Miss Nutritionista is live!

The revamp includes:

+ a more simplistic and cleaner layout

+ simple way to see new blog posts

+ easy way to get in touch and shoot me an email

+ direct access to all my social channels

+ added categories such as Become a Health Coach

+ added categories for One-on-One Coaching Plans 

+ a user friendly way to interact and comment on posts

+ a new About me section and  My Training page

+ a Cleanse eBook coming soon

+ new online cleanse course for Sugar Detox, Junk Food Detox and more ( Coming Soon )

So, I hope you LOVE the new site! As always, please leave your feedback and let me know what you think.  Also, if there is a topic you’d like me to blog about, email me.


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