WATCH: Your Skin Without Sunscreen!

This video was too incredible not to share! Creative photographer Thomas Leveritt, uses a camera equipped with UV technology to show us what ordinary people look like without proper sunscreen protection on their skin.

There are so many opinions lately about the safety and necessity of wearing sunscreen.  Is it all hype or does it truly shield you from harmful UV rays?   Well, you got the answer friends!  I absolutely think that sunscreen is essential on a daily basis for the protection from wrinkles, liver spots, and skin cancer.  However, I also agree that some of the current ingredients in many top brand names are questionable.  That’s why I use creams instead of aerosol sprays and I stick with natural ingredients.  I’ve mentioned my favorite sunscreen in this post on my top 4 travel must-haves.

After watching this clip, all I have to say is…wear your sunscreen people and stay beautiful!


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  1. Loved this! I saw this link going around but never clicked on it until just now. I’m all about wearing sunscreen down to my chest and even arms if they will be exposed for a day out. I notice a tremendous difference in my skin when I do use it.

    xx, Rakhi