How Soda Destroys Your Body!

how soda destroys your body

Ask me what the number one thing you can do to improve your health is and I’ll say….without hesitation if you are a soda pop drinker…STOP DRINKING IT! I know,

I know… wah-wah-waah! When I say this to people, I often get mean looks and a lot of resistance.  I understand.  I used
to be a soda drinker too.  But, once you read the damaging affects of soda and how soda destroys your body, you will

So, if you are currently a self-proclaimed soda addict, in denial about your habit or really trying to cut back, you will not drink soda again after seeing this infographic.

Check out How Soda Destroys Your Body!  

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Source: Rodale News 


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