My Top 4 Travel Must Haves for Staying Healthy

Travel Must-Haves for Staying Healthy

Last month,  hubby and I joined my parents and sister for a family vacay to Puerto Villarta, Mexico for about 9 days.  For vacation, I always try to pack light and keep my belongings simple.  I want my vacation to be about nature, food, culture and new experiences (#nopackingocd).  I don’t enjoy lugging around heavy bags, suitcases and unnecessary items that will never be used. With that said, I do take a lot of precautions when I travel because no one wants to fall ill or feel uncomfortable during vacation.

So, if you’re like me, you’ll love my top 4 travel must haves for staying healthy and happy on vacay!

1.  Raw Probiotics 5-Day Max Care by Garden of Life 

Before any trip, I load up on a mega dose of probiotics and also bring a pack along with me.   Quality probiotics help to boost immunity while you are away from the comforts of home.  This particular one contains 400 Billion CFU’s and 34 probiotic strains!!!! Pretty darn powerful!  It is also a raw formula, gluten-free and soy-free product containing no binder, fillers or carriers.  Garden of Life, 5-Day Max Care helps relieve occasional diarrhea, gas, bloating, constipation and indigestion that could occur while on vacation.  For the first five days there, we mixed 1 scoop in our water bottle and were good to go.

2. Sun Love Natural Sunscreen by Annmarie Gianni

This product is amazing!  It’s one of the best all natural, organic and non-GMO sunscreens out there. I applied it several times a day and after swimming. Sun Love Natural Sunscreen is tinted so it feels very natural.  Some of the key beautifying ingredients in this sunscreen are aloe vera juice, sencha green tea, olive leaves, seabuckthorn berry oil,  avocado oil, coconut oil, non-GMO vitamin E tocopherols, lavender oil, hyaluronic acid and 18% zinc oxide.

3. Pure MCT Oil 

This is one of my secret weapons for looking and feeling amazing! Medium chain triglycerides aka “MCT” are extracted from coconut oil.  We all know how good coconut oil is but this is 10x’s better my friends!  Unlike bad fats, MCT oil is easily digested and converted to energy.  I took 1 tbsp daily of this Pure MCT Oil to feel energized and also brought a small container with me to the beach to use as body oil and tanning oil.  It gives the most gorgeous bronzed tan ever!

4. Emuaid Max Ointment 

This is a homeopathic extra strength ointment.  I turn to homeopathic medicine much more often than western drugs, pills or potions. Emuaid Max is a total lifesaver for all of my first aid needs.  It is an anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-viral skin remedy that features a powerful blend of natural healing ingredients and a trans-dermal delivery system to penetrate into the skin right away.   I use it to heal cuts, scrapes, bruising, pimples and especially infected or itchy mosquito bites which I get all the time.

These are my top 4 travel must haves for staying healthy on vacation.

What are your must-haves you can’t travel without?


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