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Hello and welcome to my blog.  I’m so excited that you’ve found me! I am a 20-something nutritionist in Los Angeles.  I’ve always wanted to start blogging about health and wellness but wanted to wait until I had my bachelor’s degree and proper training because I wanted this to be informative, fun and useful for you!  Well, I received my bachelors’ degree in Nutrition Science in 2011 and I’m currently doing an advanced nutrition coaching program.  Since I’ve learned so much, I could not wait any longer to share all that I’ve learned with you.  
About this blog:
The focus of this blog is to create a “sex-appeal” to healthy, wholesome food, to become street smart when it comes to nutrition and to share tips and secrets for letting your inner beauty glow. I hope to inspire you to bring out your inner food diva and form a love affair with whole, fresh, organic foods. 
Here you will find posts about the following:
  • How to boost your Metabolism, Gain Energy + Weight Loss Secrets 
  • About the food-mood connection and how food affects your mood
  • Fitness tips to help you get Fab Abs
  • Quick and easy clean eating recipes + delish SMOOTHIES
  • Learn how to eat for Ah-mazing Skin
  • What to eat to reduce anxiety and panic attacks
  • Share organic beauty product reviews and much more!
It feels so good to finally write this first blog post and I do hope that you’ll subscribe to, bookmark it and check back often.
P.S…I love making new friends so please SHARE, DROP me a line and give feedback on what you’d like to see here! 

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