4 Reasons This is the Best Sugar Substitute

best sugar substitute

By now, we know how damaging sugar is when consumed in the amounts that most of us typically do.  But sugar substitutes like Splenda are filled with toxic ingredients and dangerous chemicals like aspartame.  For that reason, stevia leaf and xylitol have been the sweetener of choice among health enthusiasts (including myself) for the last few year…well that is until now.  Monk fruit is the new popular, zero-calorie sweetener of choice.  It is the best sugar substitute that I recommend to my clients. 

This fruit has been harvested for about 800 years in Southern China and Northern Thailand.  It looks similar to small green melons.  But unlike most fruit, it is not sweet in natural fruit sugar.

In fact, its sweetness comes from a very unique antioxidant source called mogroside. This provides a level of sweetness that is about 300 times sweeter than cane sugar.  It is also metabolized differently than sugar.  

For that reason, it contains zero calories and will have very little effect on your waist line.  

Here are 4 reasons why monk fruit is the best sugar substitute!

1.  Taste & Usability

Monk fruit tastes similar to sugar without the empty calories.  It is stable in high heat, making it extremely suitable for cooking and baking. It also has no bad aftertaste like other sugar substitutes.

2.  Boosts Energy

One study found that exercising mice had a decreased rate of fatigue after consuming monk fruit extracts. The study also found that those mice given monk fruit extract had extended exercise times.  Since monk fruit has a positive effect on energy levels, its another reason why it’s the best sugar substitute.

3. Reduces Risk of Obesity & Diabetes

It is estimated that Americans consume 130 pounds of sugar per year.  This surge is to blame for our staggering obesity and diabetes rates.  Monk fruit extract does not affect blood sugar levels negatively. It officially became FDA cleared in 2009 and is declared safe for pregnant women and diabetics.

4.  Medicinal Properties  

Monk fruit is referred to by many as the “longevity fruit”.  It has been used in ancient china as a health tonic for treating ailments such as fever, heat stroke and sore throat. There are also studies on its anti-inflammatory benefits. This is another reason why monk fruit extract is the best sugar substitute. 

Bottom Line:  If you are looking for a natural, zero-calorie sweetener and don’t like the taste of Stevia or the GI issues associated with xylitol, then give monk fruit a try.  It is a safe alternative sweetener because there is no affect on your blood sugar levels.  Since it is extracted from a fruit, it is also high in antioxidants.  Finally, since monk fruit has a positive effect on energy levels, you will avoid the empty calories and energy crash associated with cane sugar. 

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